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Homespice Black Forest Braided Door Mat 20X30, Black Country Style Rugs, Washable Entry Rugs for inside House

Homespice Black Forest Braided Door Mat 20X30, Black Country Style Rugs, Washable Entry Rugs for inside House

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  • CLASSIC COLORS: A striking combination of black and grey flecked with mustard is striking and easy to coordinate with making it one of our most popular designs. With 40% repeat buyer you will enjoy this rug for years. Ideal for bathroom rugs, kitchen rugs and mats, doorway rugs, entryway rugs, foyer rugs, and garage rugs.
  • DOORWAY: Absorbs water- Great even on rainy or snow slush days. Tough- Muddy boots & shoes, bring em on!
  • BATHROOM: No Stain rug- even hair color won’t stain these rugs. Say bye to damp rugs- our water wicking surface gets dry within seconds. Less work for mom: You won’t need to lift up this rug after any water splashes
  • KITCHEN: No Stain Rug: Coffee, juice, soy sauce, red wine do not stain rug. Absorbs water which means you don't have to bend down to wipe up drips & spills. Happier Chefs : Soft under your feet. Keeps your feet warm in winter.
  • PET FRIENDLY AND WASHABLE: Pet hair does not stick and easy to vacuum. Can also be used as dog bowl mats or rugs. Stain resistant, machine washable, or simply hose clean. Reversible for double the wear. For safety, the use of a rug pad is recommended on hard surfaces.

Product Description

Indoor Outdoor Washable Rugs

  • Outdoor Waterproof Rug
  • Washable Living Room Rug
  • Large Entryway Rug Waterproof
  • Washable Dining Room and Bedroom Rug

Black Forest - Ultra Durable Rug

A striking combination of black and grey flecked with mustard is striking and easy to coordinate with making it one of our most popular designs.

Black Braided Rug For The Smart Decorator:

Black Bathroom Rugs and Bathmats

  • Say bye bye to damp rugs with our water wicking feature. No more wet socks!
  • If you use hair color this rug is for you. Even hair color won’t stain this rug. Simply wipe or spot clean.
  • If you have kids and lots of water splashes, you won’t have to lift up this rug to dry after their bath. Better than cotton bathmats which start smelling.
  • The rug dries quick, is soft yet firm, will keep feet warm in winter. It is awesome.

Washable Kitchen Rugs & Kitchen Mat

  • Stay comfortable. You will love the firm yet soft feel under your feet. And, it won’t stick to your feet like some synthetic kitchen mats do.
  • Stain proof benefit: Coffee or other “oops” will not smudge the rug, leaving you with a clean home no matter how many spills.
  • Unlike a cheap kitchen rug where water just puddles, this rug wicks water so you won’t have to bend down to wipe the spill.
  • It is great even if kids are loading the dishwasher (and spilling water).
  • Incredible by the kitchen sink, island, or as a runner by the counter or a rug by the stove.

Entryway Rug and Door Mat

  • This rug can handle the muddiest boots
  • The wet mud will simply dry up and can be dusted off. There will be no stains!
  • It absorbs water so on rainy days it will help keep your home’s floor dry and clean.
  • If it snows in your area- leave snowy boots on the rug and let the snow melt off. Making your life easy. Tough enough to leave out in the snow !
  • Classic design is a great way to welcome people to your home. The doorway rug always looks warm and inviting.
  • Also great to use in your mudroom and in garage by the shoe rack.

Use as a washable rug, pet friendly rug or a bedroom rug

Machine Washable Rug

  • Small sizes can be machine washed
  • They can also be hosed clean
  • Simply lay flat to dry

Reversible Child & Pet Friendly Rug

  • Perfect for the smaller or furrier members of your family!
  • Protect your floor with a dog-friendly and cat-friendly rug.
  • Kids can spill all the juice they want on the rug, even kids paint is fine.
  • Reversible rug for double the wear

Black Bedroom Rug

  • For the cozy bedroom
  • Soft to the feet
  • Coffee spills won't stain the rug
  • Luxurious rug reduces noise in the room
  • Use as a rug by the bedside or as a bedroom runner rug.

The Better Outdoor Rug: Ultra Durable Black Braided Rug

Use Outdoors as a deck rug, balcony rug, patio rugs or foyer rug. The rug can handle storms and rains.

Reversible Rug

  • This is a reversible rug. Use it for double the wear.
  • The black rug goes great as a farmhouse decor rug, country decor rug, black primitive decor rug, classic black oval rug and as a black oval braided rug.
  • It is also an outdoor braided rug and can be used near kitchen sinks, as a mudroom rug, for gardening or as a pet foot cleaning rug

Small Size Black Braided Rug Uses : Both Oval Rugs and Rectangle

Black Rugs Can Be Used Anywhere in the House. Here are the Most Popular Search Terms For Your Reference.

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Large Black Braided Rugs. 5x8' Black Braided Rug, 6x9' Black Braided Rug, 8x10' Black Braided Rug

  • Living Room Rug: rugs for living room, living room rugs, rugs for living room 8x10 clearance, 8 x 10 area rugs for living room, clearance, 8x10, area rugs for living room, rug for living room, Black rug for living room, living room rugs 8x10, farmhouse rugs for living room, living room rugs 8x10 clearance, large rugs for living room, Black rugs for living room, area rugs for living room
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  • Dining Room Rug: dining room rug, dining room rugs for under table, rug for dining room table, dining room rugs for under table 8x10, rugs for dining room table, dining room rugs, rugs for dining room, round rug for dining room table, dining room rugs for under table 6x9

Other Rooms For The House : Black Oval Braided Rugs and Rectangle

You May Have A Special Purpose. Here Are Some Popular Special Rooms That You May Search For:

Mudroom Rug, Garage Door Rug, Study Room Rug, Reading Room Rug, Sunroom Rug, Breakfast Table Rug.

You may also be searching for oval braided rugs farmhouse clearance, area rug, braided rugs clearance, home decor clearance, country rug, country decor rug, black country rug, black rug, country primitive black rug, light and dark black rug, black rug for home

Ultra Durable Braided Doormat

Black Braided Rugs Small Size

Black Braided Rugs Large Size

Study Room, Breakfast Table Rug and More

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