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Explosion-proof Chest Harness Pet Leash

Explosion-proof Chest Harness Pet Leash

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Durable and abrasion-resistant-made of 100% nylon material, the webbing is soft, extensible, and abrasion resistant, making your dog unique.
Suitable for pets-this dog harness adopts a scientific and humanized design, even if it is used for a long time, it will make your dog feel comfortable.
Eye-catching and safe-the nylon belt has a reflective knit thread, so that your dog can be easily noticed at night.

Reflective safety: 3M reflective material, no matter day or night, to ensure the safety of dogs is above all else.
Exterior: Durable outer layer, made of scratch-resistant nylon material.
Inside: Nylon webbing, with soft looped padding part, key load distribution, comfortable and long-wearing
Belt connection point: stainless steel D-ring on the back of the seat belt
Ergonomic design: easy to put on and take off. Reduce the risk of seat belt joint friction -> skin irritation caused by repeated friction.
Shoulder strap: Adjustable shoulder strap with quick release buckle is also located in the bedding with reflective piping. (Additional reflector)
All-weather function: It helps animals keep their body temperature cool by releasing excess heat in summer, and keeps warm by keeping heat in winter.

Cross-border bag weight: 0.35 kg
Material: nylon
Product Category: Chest strap
Scalable: Yes
Color: blue, black, red, purple, orange, green, rose red, pink, five-pointed star

Package Content:
1 x Belt

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