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Rechargeable Portable Electric Juicer Mini Cooking Juicer,

Rechargeable Portable Electric Juicer Mini Cooking Juicer,

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1.Small in size, portable, and multi-use, can use as a common cup and juice blender.
2.Can mix kinds of fruit and vegetables.
3.Healthy and environmentally friendly, use new and nontoxic PP/PC material.
4.Safety. Double a safety protection switch, and charge/discharge protection.
5.Quick speed, can make a cup of juice within 1 minute.
6.Can repeat use when fully charged. And easy to charge when the battery used up.


[product name]: new electric juice cup
[commodity material]: material food grade PC material + food-grade rubber seal
[product size]: bottom diameter 8*8*22.5cm
[product capacity]: 400ml
[product packaging]: juice cup + neutral color box

How to use it ( very important ):
1: Please charge for three hours before use. The battery may not be enough at the beginning of the lithium battery, so you need to charge it for two to three hours.
2: At the beginning of use, the cup body can be screwed down and cleaned, then used, and the blade is carefully cleaned during the cleaning process.
3: When reassembling, you need to flatten the silicone ring of each interface so that there is no water leakage after tightening.
4: When pressing fruit, you need to add water to the cup to let the fruit piece float. Press the start switch and shake it. It is easy to get the main blade and the blade is stuck. If the quality is not the quality problem, the blade is screwed to the top. Turn tighter.
5: When the button is pressed, do not press the entire silicone button all the way, so it is easy to get stuck. The silicone button is to prevent the child from touching, so it is very hard. You should only press the soft part of the middle of the silicone button to activate the switch. Do not press the entire silicone button. After pressing in, pick out the button with a little bit of something, then stop and let the motor adjust automatically.
6: Use the problem, please consult my WeChat 15986647318 there is a video for reference, you can also guide.

When not in use for a long time, the inner liner should be wiped dry and kept dry.
Do not use alkaline bleach, metal, chemical rag, gasoline, metal wire, and other cleaning products when cleaning.

Product considerations
1. When adding hot drinks, care should be taken to avoid burns.
2. Since the cup body is a vacuum double-layer structure, it should be avoided to fall/drop/impact/to avoid affecting the heat preservation effect.
3 Do not install dry ice or carbonated drinks.
4. Stop the bottle and avoid boiling at high temperature (to avoid deformation or immersion)
5. When cleaning, please use a neutral detergent. If necessary, wash the inside of the bottle with hot soda and boiling water.
6. Never use chlorine-containing bleach to avoid rust.
7. Do not use a microwave to avoid accidents.

Package Content:
1 x Juice Cup

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