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Upper Echelon Products LLC Flux Phenom

Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door - the Original Self-Closing, Pet Friendly Walk through Door Screen Magnetic Closure (38 X 82 Inch) - Retractable Screen Door Mesh Keeps Bugs Out - Magnet Screen Door

Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door - the Original Self-Closing, Pet Friendly Walk through Door Screen Magnetic Closure (38 X 82 Inch) - Retractable Screen Door Mesh Keeps Bugs Out - Magnet Screen Door

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  • EFFECTIVE BUG SCREEN FOR DOORWAY: Enjoy the benefits of fresh air and natural light with our magnet screen door. The fine mesh acts as a barrier, preventing any insect or mosquito entering your home
  • EASY to INSTALL MESH SCREEN: Our door net screen with magnets installs quickly and easily using the items included. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 mesh screen door, metal thumbtacks, hook and loop backing, and video guide
  • FITS DOORWAYS UP TO 38x82": Measure prior to buying to ensure it fits. Works perfect as mosquito netting for patio, storm door, and screen doors for front door
  • NO HANDS ENTRY and EXIT: Built with a middle seam lined with 26 powerful magnets, our magnetic door screen allows for easy no hands entry and exit, even when your hands are full
  • HEAVY DUTY MAGNETIC MESH SCREEN DOOR: Built to last, the mesh door screen withstands regular use, resisting wear and tear. It's a great option for households with a lot of in and out traffic
  • KID and PET FRIENDLY: Our mesh screen door lets kids go in and out of doors with ease. Magnetic curtain lets dogs go outside as they please, acting almost as a screen door with doggie door built in
  • WON'T DAMAGE DOORWAYS: Removable adhesive strips and thumbtacks of the mesh screen for door leaves no residue making it a great option for apartments. Lightweight bug screen avoids door frame stress
  • CAN SAVE ON YOUR ENERGY BILL: By improving air circulation in your home, the door mosquito net can help reduce the use of air conditioning or fans, allowing you to save on your energy bills over time
  • ALL SEASON USE: Whether it's hot and humid or cold and rainy outside, the mesh magnetic screen door can be used year round to improve air circulation and keep pests out

Product Description

Let the Fresh Air In and Keep the Bugs Out with Our Durable Magnetic Screen Door

Enjoying fresh air without pesky bugs shouldn't be a challenge, and with our mesh door net, it doesn't have to be. Quick to install, it’s perfect for homes with children and pets, allowing for easy coming and going. Made with high quality materials, it's built to last and fits doors up to 38”x82”.

  1. Walk Through Design

    Mesh screen opens with a nudge and closes automatically like magic for easy in and out access

  2. Mesh Screen Door

    Enjoy fresh air without the nuisance of bugs or the expense of air conditioning; save on energy bill

  3. Retractable Screen Door

    No more hard to reach or difficult to open door knobs making the door screen ideal for kids and pets

  4. Built to Last

    Keep the mesh screen door up year round, built with heavy duty materials, it withstands all weather

1 Easy No Hands Entry 2 Let’s Fresh Air In 3 Kid & Pet Friendly 4 Ideal Year Round

Door Screen Magnetic Closure - The Easier Way to Get In and Out of Your Home

Discover the ultimate solution to enjoying the breeze and beautiful outdoor views with our magnet screen door. The easy to install and durable screen door is built to last and fits most standard sized doors, making it a versatile addition to any space.

Experience the Perfect Blend of Form and Function with Our Door Bug Screen

  1. Mesh Door Screen with 26 Strong Magnets

    A middle seam lined with 26 powerful magnets ensures that the magnetic curtain closes tightly and seamlessly, protecting your home from unwanted pests from entering.

  2. Built With Durable Heavy Duty Mesh

    Heavy duty mesh allows fresh air in, but is fine enough to prevent mosquitos, bugs, and any other unwanted outside elements from entering your home.

  3. Works On Multiple Door Types

    Universal screen door works on front doors, back doors, patio doors, sliding doors and more so long as the doorway is not bigger than 38”x82”.

  4. Includes Everything You Need for Easy Install

    Get our hanging door screen installed in just 15 minutes. We include everything you need, plus a convenient and easy to follow installation video guide.

See What Our Customers Have To Say about our Magnetic Mesh Screen Door

If you want to enjoy the breeze, but don't want to invite mosquitos or other outdoor elements inside, our screen door is the go to solution for many homes. Customers highlight its durability, easy installation, and energy saving benefits, but don't just take our word for it, see for yourself.

Why use a magnetic screen door?

Our heavy duty mesh screen door allows you to keep your doors open to let in sunlight and fresh air, while keeping pests out. Perfect for adults, kids, and pets, the magnetic seam opens easily with just a nudge, and closes automatically behind you.

Does it work on all doors?

Our magnetic mesh screen door works on wooden, metal, and aluminum door frames. It fits doors up to 38”x82”. Measure your doors before purchasing to ensure a perfect fit. Ideal for single doors, patio doors, sliding doors, and even RV doors.

How to install the door screen?

Simply connect the middle seam magnets to close our screen door. Hold it ¼ inch above the floor and hem if needed. Use thumbtacks for wooden doors and hook and loop tape for metal or aluminum. A video guide is included for easy installation.

Is screen door pet friendly?

Perfect for homes without built in doggy doors, our door net allows your dogs and cats to walk in and out of your home as they please, eliminating the need for you to constantly get up and open and close the door for them.

Can I keep it up year round?

Absolutely. We designed our magnetic screen door with functionality, longevity, and durability in mind. The heavy duty mesh is wear and tear resistant; able to withstand constant use and any weather, year round.

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