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Dog Leash Dog Chain Rope Dog Leash Pet Supplies

Dog Leash Dog Chain Rope Dog Leash Pet Supplies

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Product information:

Material: Nylon

Product Category: Chest strap

Can it be stretched:Yes

Specifications: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Color:Blue, Black, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Rose red, Pink, Five-pointed star, Tang suit red, Tang suit blue, Tang suit blue, Tang suit yellow, Camouflage rose red, Camouflage white, Camouflage green, Camouflage blue, Camouflage red, Graffiti blue,Graffiti black, Graffiti red,Creamy-white, Beige

Size Information:


Adjust the bust

Pet weight

XS 36-50cm

7 kg to 15 kg

S 50-60cm

14 kg to 26 kg

M 55-65cm

24 kg to 46 kg

L 65-80cm

46 kg to 58 kg

XL 70-90cm

56 kg to 80 kg

XXL 90-120cm

80 kg to 160 kg


Specially designed for pet dogs, canine chest harness, for medium and large dogs, dog collar and chest harness

Sturdy nylon hand-held, no hand, no cocoon, easy to control the dog, not difficult to walk the dog

Neck circumference reflective strip, neck circumference can be adjusted, front chest with reflective contour design, can walk the dog safely at night

Stainless steel ring, connected to the traction rope, strong and anti-breaking, strong and durable

Tough nylon buckle, easy to put on and take off, prevent breaking apart, strong and durable, safe and comfortable

Own replacement LOGO stickers, Chinese text posts, our shop provides more personalized Chinese text choices, so that your dog has more personality

Packing list:

1*Pet harness

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